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I read a article today on how to identify fake and Genuine People and I liked it , so thought of sharing it with you all . I also share my opinion that is based on my experience . 

1. Always thinking about others. 

The genuine Person consider the opinion of OTHERS and will consider all sides of an argument before making a decision that will impact other people.

The fake Person will find ways to put themselves FIRST and benefit from decision they make 

My Opinion  – Fake person will always be in the dark and they never show their face in the limelight . If they wanted to achieve,they never speak anything in the open forum and will benefit them in trying everything behind the scenes. Sometimes it is also called as SMARTWORK !!!! Damn it 

2. Not Hard to Please 

The Genuine Person will set expectations and will work with others to find ways to meet those expectations 

The fake person  will always trying to one-up you, make you feel inferior to their position , and make sure you know how smart they are 

My Opinion – The more superior the fake person is , the more they are isolated or they keep themselves isolated and will make sure they don’t talk to any one else in the team except few slaves , they ALWAYS say “YES” to him. All they need is a “HIS MASTER’s VOICE” , Nothing else.

3. Don’t need the Spotlight on Them 

Genuine People are happy to take a backseat to those who deserve the praise instead of them.

Fake people , however , will impress upon others how much work they did and leave the teams the wayside.

My opinion –  Fake always try to SHOW-STEAL and project them as , they achieved something BIG by themselves without the team . Everyone in the team know this THING doesn’t deserve this 🙂 lol 🙂 , but they just don’t care… Its just a REALITY!!

4. Humble and Kind 

The Genuine People will not want to be praised , but will want to celebrate the victories of everyone . 

Fake people will want lots of attention and will not hesitate to show off their Victories.

My Opinion – Humble and Kind are not the words that should be related to Fake people and the Genuine People can even fight for the Copyrights … hahaha LOL 🙂  . Simple

5. Candor and Honesty 

Candor is the easiest way to tell a genuine person from a fake person . They will bring up issues to you and work with you to Improve on Shortcomings

Fake Person will avoid telling you what is wrong and talk about you behind your back, rather than to face the issues head on.

My Opinion – Fake person uses Candor as a Weapon to trap the Genuine person when ever they get a chance to prove themselves as, they find a fault on Genuine Person. NONSENSE !!!

6. Actions speaks Louder than Words 

If you are struggling to determine if someone is genuine or fake, look to their actions. Do they do what they say ? Do they act on their promises ? or do they continually say one thing and do another ?

Fake people will wow you with their their great ideas and WORDS, but will rarely deliver on those words

My Opinion – Promises &  Praises in front of your face can only done by fake people. Be cautious to the person who praise you overwhelmingly in front of your face. one day he will backstab you .. Its a Bitter TRUTH 

7. Works in Service of Others 

Genuine people know that the best way to get ahead is to work in service of others. Example – Going out of their way to help others, Taking a paycut , so their employees don’t loose their jobs.

Fake people will put their needs first, making sure they are taken care of above all these.

My Opinion – Fake people will always put their needs on some one and try all the ways to get it triggered, so that they achieve their needs. They do all the indirect method of approach to achieve things. They NEVER EVER try direct approach as they are much worried about their real color or Image and it shouldn’t be exposed at any cost.


To conclude, Watch out for the genuine people and spend time with them. It is worth hanging with them. I personally feel, the genuine people Appreciate, Inspire and Motivate in such a way that they also learn from you and create a WIN-WIN situation.


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    1. Thank you Malavika, Yes, even I never find any one yet with all those qualities, but atleast it might be useful for identifying the fake person 🙂

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