Agra – Tajmahal – P5

Black Tajmahal – A Myth

There is a  myth connected to Tajmahal, Shahjahan tried building a Black Tajmahal on the other end of Yamuna and tried building a bridge between them. But his son, Aurangazeb doesn’t like it and campaigned him in Jail. I am not certain on the Truthfulness of this chronicle, but sound interesting ! 

Black Tajmahal!! WOW… how mesmerizing it would have been!! .. Aurangazeb should have been punished for not allowing his father to build  an another MASTERPIECE  🙂 LOL 🙂 

River Yamuna –

To Conclude, Tajmahal is one of the Magnificent work from Shahjahan . Avoid Peak Summer and Rainy Seasons as rest of the months should be good time to visit as the climate will be tolerable. Hope you all enjoyed this series and Thank you so much for your time , comments and likes. I will come up with an another interesting post in my next.

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6 thoughts on “Agra – Tajmahal – P5

  1. I haven’t been to the Taj Mahal but will definitely go someday.

    Every time I hear about Aurangzeb, I feel so grateful for democracy. Back in those days if you had a terrible leader you couldn’t say “Oh well, in a few years we’ll have an election and get rid of him.” You had to wait for him to die or for some sort of political intrigue or revolution to remove them. Imagine how hopeless that must feel!

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