Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P2

2 Days Before the Travel ……. Cargo

Whenever we plan for international travel, We Indians plan to take groceries for few days and necessary cooking vessels as it is very difficult to manage with bun and bread for a long time. 

We took the luggage allowed in check in and decided to put the rest in Cargo. After the decision has been made, we decided to put many other things including a new Mixie as well in Cargo.

I wanted to send the Cargo 2 days before as I don’t  want to take the pressure of sending the Shipment in a hurry . Couple of days before we sent the cargo and told the agent in India that I should be able to receive the shipment in Brno as he said it will be delivered at door step. The word “DOORSTEP” really manipulated me to take the decision of sending the additional stuff to dump in cargo. Let me stop here the Cargo story and will discuss later on what happened to cargo .

Brno –

We reached Brno on 9th March 2020. Czech prime minister imposed the Nationwide emergency on 12th March 2020. As we don’t have access to anything and trying to accommodate to the new place.Things started happening rapidly without giving a chance. A day after this announcement, entire city was slowly started their shutdown . We didn’t realize what exactly happening and when we try to realize that its a national wide emergency. Its too late for us .


The season in Brno in March is the transition period from Winter to Spring . Of course the Climate seems to be very cold and during night time, the temperature was almost ZERO and few days we could see the temperature went down from ZERO .

Jet-lag and food – 

Time difference is 4.5 hours ahead from India, so when we reached Czech Republic , we felt very difficult in our initial days as we wake up around 4 .30 AM in the morning, it is 9 AM in India for Breakfast 🙂 , Some how we managed to take 2 breakfast in the initial days and managed with Lunch and dinner on Czech timings.

Borders Closed –

After the announcement of Nationwide Emergency, Czech Republic closed their borders and restricted the movement of people and transport. Entry to this country is closed and eventually we can’t go out from the country as well .

We never had a thought that we would be asked to vacate the stay in this situation !!!!!!!!

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