Delhi – Karol Bhag / Random Clicks – P11

Karol Bhag – Shopping Centre

Karol Bhag –

  • In-Store Shopping & Street sellers
  • Variety of Restaurants around
  • T-Shirts & Ladies Fancy Items can be purchased ( Just for daily use)
  • Don’t buy ELECTRONIC goods at any cost
  • Sun Glasses will also be sold, we bought few, absolutely NOT sure on the quality.
  • Belt and Footwear can also be purchased based on your interest.

Random Clicks

To Conclude,  if you have more time and days, there are more attractions that can be covered. I would recommend not to miss Delhi Metro as well. On our last day, we used Metro to reach the places. Just to re-iterate, if you wanted to explore Delhi, try to plan your visit in Mid-Feb to March as the climate will be pleasant.

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