Courtallam – Thamirabharani – P2

Time – 10.30 PM – Madurai We Started from Kumbakonam around 7 PM and on the way we finished our dinner , reached Madurai bypass around 10.30 PM. We are in an assumption that everything is going to OK as in another 3 hours, we will be reaching Thirunelveli, but never expected  more twist by … More Courtallam – Thamirabharani – P2

Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P5

We reached the top of the hill around 2.30 PM and finished our prayer. If I remember it right, we spent less than an hour and started our downward Journey to Ashram. To our luck, the climate was fantastic and enjoyed the panoramic view of the Hill. When we reached the temple, we could notice … More Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P5

Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P4

This incident happened in a Similar Rock while coming down – Monkey’s Trap – I was trapped by Monkey couple of times in this Journey. One on the onward journey,  I already explained and another in downward Journey in the Rocky phase, one has to step down with utmost care and Caution else , We … More Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P4

Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P3

A Snippet on Some Interesting Stories  –  The Story behind the Name of the Hill – Sage Siladha performed serious penance on Lord Shiva seeking a boon to have children. . Two children were destined to him, Nandhi and Parvathan. Sanakadhi Rishi approached the sage and said that Nandhi would live on earth just for … More Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P3

Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P2

Speciality of the Temple – In this place devotees experience the guidance of the lord on the Full moon day as well as No moon day. They can perform the rituals by themselves to Lord Shiva and Goddess Brahmarambika and light lamps as well. The devotee reaps the benefit of visiting all the Shiva Temples on … More Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P2

Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P1

Parvathamalai (Parvathahill) is located near Polur in Thiruvannamalai District. The hill is around 15 Km from Polur. The hill is 3500 feet Approx high from the sea level. On the top of the hill, Lord Mallikarjunaswamy (Lord Shiva) temple is located, which is believed to be 2000 years old. During full moon day, Hill attracts … More Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P1

Wayanad – Thirunelli Temple – Day 2 – P6

Thirunelli Temple – Day 2 It’s a Continuation of Day 2 and new readers can break out here for Kuruva Island Followed by Wildlife sanctuary for new readers – After a disappointment from Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, a 15KM of Forest ride , we  arrived at Thirunelli Temple which is surrounded by beautiful hill … More Wayanad – Thirunelli Temple – Day 2 – P6

Wayanad – Adventure and Nature Lovers – Its for you – P1

Wayanad, It’s a North East district in Kerala and can be reached by Car or Bus from Calicut or Mysore. It is located at around 2100M above mean sea level. Its been long time goal for me to shoot the breeze, unfortunately it didn’t happen and this year we had contrived to see this place … More Wayanad – Adventure and Nature Lovers – Its for you – P1

Mysore – KRS Dam – Brindavan Gardens – Giant Bull(Nandi) – Chamundi Hills

Mysore is one of the popular City in Karnataka state also called as City of Palace. It is famous for its Mysore Palace,Brindavan Garden and Chamundeswari Hills. Mysore is also famous for Silk Sarees, Mysore Painting, Mysore Pak ( Sweet) , Mysore Masala Dosa ( Yummy 🙂 , Spicy Red Chilli Chutney flavoured ), Mysore … More Mysore – KRS Dam – Brindavan Gardens – Giant Bull(Nandi) – Chamundi Hills